Jintropin GenSci false in the UK market

In recent months there are a lot of GenSci Jintropin somatropin on the black market. Unfortunately, almost 90% is false and contains very little of the somatropin or not at all. Fortunately, it is easy to detect counterfeit reality.

Jintropin comes with a special label that combating counterfeiting is impossible to reproduce. The security label contains microfibers embedded in the paper and a unique code for each label. When a user checks the code in the official website GenSci (http://www.gensci-china.com/gensci/Anti.asp) the image on the screen must match the security label stuck on the box Jintropin

Pictured is a hallmark of the original security Jintropin and image to appear on the website when the code is verified.

201106280938314861                                                                                                                                                                                 (original seal)

201106280940246831(image in GenSci website after checking the code)
Warning! the fake name has a security printed seal. The original seal must have fibers that can be removed with a needle injection, while the false label has printed “fibers”. Buy Tri Deca 300

Kigtropin = Getropin = Taitropin = FALSIFICACION

Warning: Propecia, GETROPIN and TAITROPIN are same blue Cap vials subdosificados at 2.6IU / instead of10 IU vial.
Attention: the same box, same blue CAP, same design, same manufacturer.
The Chinese invent 5 marks at same time when one of the brands is analyzed and fake leaves them unableto sell the other. And so always sell false hormone without people stopping for a moment and see that theboxes and vials are the same only different sticker.
Below there are the analytical about propecia, if you’re lucky you can catch vials carrying 2.6 UI of growthhormone and no vials carrying ZERO IU of growth hormone.
If at any time you‘ve wondered how can be so cheap propecia and GETROPIN, you now have the proof andthe responseBuy Tri Deca 300getropinfalsokigtropin

Warning! SOMATROPE PharmChemical CHINA = CORTISONE. Warning!

After weeks of investigation, it reveals the truth behind SOMATROPIN PharmChemical China.


This product comes from BULGARIA and really Solu-Medrol (methylprednisolone sodium) but with thelabel changed at SOMATROPINBuy Tri Deca 300


Methylprednisolone sodium is the way synthetic CORTISONE.


CORTISONE is a very harmful hormone for all athelts, and in particular for bodybuilders. The side effects ofcortisone are: problems of vision, swelling, rapid gain of weight (water), sensation of lack of air, severedepression, seizures, pancreatitis, hypertension, pain in eyes, anxiety, muscle pain and weakness.


Bulgarian counterfeiters buy CORTISONE from the Pharmacy and change the label with one of somatropin.Users of this product must present urgently his personal physician for clinical research because CORTISONEside effects for a lifetime.somatropinafalsa1

Warning Eli Lilly (which manufactures the Humatrope) about ONLINE scams.

Sellers of fake drugs by Internet design a perfect scam ON LINE
According to the Traffic On Line report, which analysed web pages of sale in Spanish
A very large number of websites selling drugs become pages “mirror” that refer to three or four where youactually buy.
Difficult to track, they turn on and off with only give a button. Its network network allows to hide theowners and where they operate.
They promote the sale “to the wholesale counterfeit products, and in quantities not marketed legally.
They use all possible tactics, from testimonials of fake patients to medical advice, to give confidence to thepotential user.
Lilly Launches a campaign of awareness-raising about the risks for buyer on the websitewww.notelajueguesonline.com
Report Traffic On Line
Madrid, November 30, 2010-Internet has become the main route of sale of counterfeit medicines in thedeveloped countries, including Spain. In this new business millionaire and illegal, not smoking in themarketing of their products online. 15,000 million messages per day – a quarter of the world traffic fromemails are messages “spam” promoting counterfeit medicines. It estimates that between 4,500 and 15,000web sites offer one of the medications more defendants, against erectile dysfunction drugs.
To learn firsthand how to reach the Spanish consumer and what claims used, Lilly has developed theTRAFFIC ON LINE report, which analyzes the websites that sell drugs which, at least 65% of the cases, arefakes, according to data from the European Alliance for access to safe medicines (EAASM).
The main conclusion of the report TRAFFIC ON LINE is that behind a good appearance of drugs in SpanishWeb pages, designed for easy management and trust in the user, there is an enormous difficulty to knowwhat you are buying as well as the inability to identify the company that sells or the country from whichthey operate. Namely, no one knows or who sells, where is, nor what it is buying. In fact, most of thepresentations offered by these websites even exist in legally authorized and produced by the originalcompany formats.
For the realization of the study we have analyzed the first 250 results of a search in Google.co.UK on thesearches ‘buy’ + the names of drugs for erectile dysfunction.
15% turned out to be ecommerce sites, with little credibility in the field of health; 16% autodefinían aspharmacies on line and 70% remaining, intermediary websites as directories, forums, blog-spam andespecially (half of them) “mirror” or “showcase” pages. These intermediary sites – with low content – aims tocapture traffic, improve positioning in the search engines and redirect the consumer where there is reallythe purchase: a small number of websites. And at the same time, thanks to this network of sites, followingthe techniques of organized crime, hide and mislead about groups or individuals who really is behind.
“In the TRAFFIC ON LINE survey, conducted by Lilly, we see how to use techniques of concealment so thatno one knows who is the person or entity that distributes these counterfeit medical-mentos,” explains theDirector of Corporate Affairs for Lilly, Teresa Millán.
What joins the enormous difficulty to know their origin or from where you already operate more than 40%of the pages or even identify the country. Of the sites that identify the country, the two most cited areUnited Kingdom and Cyprus. In Andorra, for example, we find ‘online pharmacies’ which are the legaldifferences to distribute drugs, while in Spain it is illegal, the report explains.
In addition, according to Teresa Millán, “these pages are difficult to track because they can be activatedand deactivated with just give a button. If instead of distributing counterfeit medicines they distributedcocaine difficulty would be the same.” And it is that the Internet is the ideal market for counterfeiters anddrug trafficking because it is unregulated distribution channel, with different laws in each country, whichoffers a total anonymity and direct access to patients.
Do they sell and at what price?
The World Health Organization (who) defines the counterfeit medicines such as those who provide falseinformation in a deliberate and fraudulent way over its identity or its origin. The “lie” regarding theiridentity goes from counterfeit packaging and the name of the drug, until the composition of the same.Imitations become so perfect that only an analysis at a chemical laboratory can determine its authenticity.These analyses reveal.

Norditropin 40IU (comes from China or South America)

Great care to purchase Norditropin Novo Nordisk that supposedly brought 40 units. That product neverexisted and this check the copy in China. The original product that exists is from Iran and is 4IU. It is verylittle in the market. There is a copy of 4IU also but now is the copy of 40IU, NovoNordisk has never beenreally popular.


The original hormone Norditropin NovoNordisk is priced at approximately 6 Euro / unit in pharmaceuticalwarehouse. Down the street is located in prices more highBuy Tri Deca 300

Customs investigation warns of counterfeit medicines “SOMATROPE”

More than 800 alleged vials of somatropin secured, which was intended for bodybuilders purposesprobably others in the scene.
Legal medical report shows the actual inefficiency and also undesirable and dangerous opposing effects


A total of more than 800 ampoules of counterfeit medicines (dual camera call cartridges) with alleged drug“somatropin 15 IU (5 mg) were able to guarantee the customs of Nuremberg researchers in recentresearch. The evidence suggests that the falsifications of the scene German bodybuilder have beendetermined.


As a sample at the Institute of Legal Medicine of University of Erlangen-Nuremberg report commissionednow, was captured by “drugs” from China with dangerous counterfeit.


It could be detected instead of real growth hormone expected “GH”, of which not the least trace, containedforgeries among other substances, in particular cortisone.
Cortisone is often a side effect to the muscle atrophy (muscle wasting) advantage and they also haveosteoporosis and result of truncal obesity with weight gain.
Exactly these possible adverse effects of counterfeit medicines “SOMATROPE” must and illegally used forpurposes often in the bodybuilding community not only is desirable.


About the fundamentally dangerous and illegal use of drugs of the ‘black market’ is therefore alsoparticularly against possible falsifications of the products described here “SOMATROPE”, he warnedBuy Tri Deca 300


The evidence that the conventional channels of distribution (pharmacies, hospitals) of prescription drugsaffected by these fakes not could be lying, here present.


Additional information


Somatropincontaining medicines are offered as a sale under different names by the major pharmaceuticalcompanies, growth hormone drugs. This tends to be prescribed for medically necessary due to increasedmuscle mass, reduced fat deposits and increase bone density.
A unit of sales (of two chambers of the cartridge) with five milligrams of ingredient active costs ofsomatropin in the final legal sale around €300.

HGH dose for women

HGH dose for women
The dose of hormone therapy for growth, in general, the 5-9 IU per week ranges, i.e., a daily dose of 1 to 1.8 UI. In the case of women, it has been suggested that, 2 IU / day for 5 days, followed by a space of 2 days, would be optimal for fat-burning unwanted and achieve an optimum body weight. Studies show that women need a higher dose of the hormone than men, for the management of the same condition. A dose of 2-3 IU per day does not produce any adverse side effects in women, compared to men. However, some women are extremely sensitive, and you can not withstand even low doses of the hormone. With only 1 IU / day, may feel very energetic and enthusiastic again. Like this According to reports of women who have used this hormone, the dose should be properly assigned. A dose of 2 IU, along with Clenbuterol and T3 thyroid hormone, has been found highly effective, and promises excellent results in weight reduction and the promotion of general welfare. Clenbuterol increases and accelerates fat burning. For cosmetic use, the dose of the hormone has been suggested 12.5 micrograms per week at the beginning. Later, this dose may be gradually better, not to exceed 75 micrograms per week. In a case study, it was found that 54-year-old woman who was the administration of 2 IU of hormone per day, for 2 years, could boost their full reproductive system. Although, menopause, menstruation began again. At the age of 48, he had stopped menstruating. However, when embarked on a regime of Humatrope, 2 IU per day, 6 days a week, its renewed menstrual cycle. Therefore, the HGH has the possibility of repeal the signs of aging and rejuvenate the reproductive organs and hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. However, when there was a vacuum in the administration of hormone, serious side effects, as in night sweats, hot flashes, the sudden interruption of menstruation was conducted, etc was evident. But, once the hormone replacement therapy was initiated, she enjoyed the positive effects of this hormone are wondering. Buy Tri Deca 300

Jintropin GenSci CHINA falsifacado! Seal safety stuck in wrong place and without security fibers! High risk!

Jintropin GenSci CHINA isn’t in the market starting with 2008 (in the Chinese version). The original name only which can be found (rarely) in the market is manufactured by Russia / Ukraina.
In this article we talk about name 10 IU GENSCI CHINA forged.
Signs that is a FAKE:
Safety seal does not contain the fibers of safety and seal this pasted on the wrong box. The seal should seal the box down.
NAME 10 IU FAKE! It contains no growth hormone! Possibly containing cortisone (not confirmed yet!)-are waiting for laboratory tests (preliminary tests relieve zero units of growth hormone analysis check out by electrophoresis)
BATCH: 201405200
EXPIRY: 2016.04
jintropin (1)

Omnitrope SANDOZ 1,5ml 6,7mg/ml FALSO! Omnitrope FAKE!

OMNITROPE / NORDITROPIN contain insulin (there is an article submitted by another Member recentlyupon the subject). Omnitrope and Norditropin counterfeit are already well known in the market by the lowprice that has it and abundance. Many who sell them to is a product of stealing hospital and for this reasonthe price is so low. It’s all fake and they contain insulin. Below you have the laboratory by electrophoresistest.

Omnitrope 6, 7 mg/ml 1, 5ml cartridge SANDOZ counterfeit batch: EY2811; EXPIRATION DATE: 062016 Omnadren 250 – Testosterone Blendomnitrope comp

Norditropin Novo Nordisk FAKE! Norditropin faked!

Omnitrope and Norditropin counterfeit are already well known in the market by the low price that has it andabundance. Many who sell them to is a product of stealing hospital and for this reason the price is so low.It’s all fake and they contain insulin.


There is an abundance of these products on facebook, the prices are less than 2 euros / IU. Most of thesellers claim that these products are stolen from hospitals. Care for those who want to buy for own use andfor those who want to buy to sell: these poisoned the world with insulin and methylprednisolona.


More information about the counterfeit Norditropin Novo Nordisk are in alert health published by theFrench National Agency  Omnadren 250 – Testosterone Blend


Warning: L’Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé (ANSM) FRANCE:Norditropine: vente illegale produits falsifiés à des fins d’usage détourné Point d’information.norditropin